The Psychosis Research Center was founded in May 2015, based on authorization of the ministry of health and medical education, in the University Social Welfare and rehabilitation sciences, Razi psychiatric hospital.

Beyond the area of psychosis, the center has been established to lead and facilitate researches into all aspects of mental illness with special focus on chronic psychiatric disorders.

The center is committed to explore complex biopsychosocial factors that contribute to the cause, diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses as well as those that promote public mental health through a multi-disciplinary and inter-institutional approach.

Research Priorities:

-        Demographic, epidemiologic and longitudinal studies in all aspects of mental illness

-        Introducing validated tools for assessment and diagnosis of mental illness

-        Development of evidence-based and effective bio-psycho-socio-spiritual treatments for mental illness

-        Rehabilitation of mental illnesses

-        Research on education programs for mental health